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How it all begun


It's over 30 years since we met the first Leoberger on a tour up in the bernese mountains, it was love at first site, so to speak. At the time we were living in South Africa where we already had 2 dogs. Rex (Hallo von Wetterstein) a german shepard and Stasi (Anastasia) a Keeshond x ChowCow mix (and 2 children), so we had to wait.


Even after our return to Switzerland, it took 8 years still before in 1996 we could, by coincidence and luck, take the 12 weeks old Feba (Bilwastein) home to our family.
This was the beginning of a lifelong “Leo-mania”….once a Leo…always a Leo.


It didn’t take us long to realize, that this impressive dog with the black mask, the friendly nature and an absolute sensibility, will need a lot of love, attention and consequence to be happy.


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