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In our 18 years Leonberger we, principally Silvia has attended numerous courses, seminars, lectures etc., accuiring fundamental and specific knowledge of many aspect related to dogs in general and Leonbergers in particular.

Her theoretical knowledge was put to test when she had the chance to attend and assist with the bitrth of puppies at the kennel of our friends. Having to cope with major difficulties independantly plus benefitting from the vast experience of her renown breeder-friend, has really boosted her selfconvidence.


We consider ourselfes resposible breeders. For us, the principal "for the wellbeing and longevity of the leonberger" is a commitment we live and enjoy every day.. over and over again...not just a slogan.


In 2009 we made our first effort breeding young Leonbergers, but the "project" ended without success.


Now we are in the promissing situation to have our Piroschka (Piri) von der Bachtalen, an absolute healthy, lovely, cool, selfconfident and overfriendly dog. With ROD (Skjaergaarden PS I love you) we had found a suitable male, with it's "norwegian" background a very good match.


In the mean time, on 04./05.2014 Piri has given birth to 8 puppies, 5 females und 3 males. All are well and growing day by day "like young dogs".















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