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Wednesday 19.08.2015


At last a few pictures from our handsome brother Lasko (Malito) in the Misox
























Monday 27.07.2015


Hi dear brothers and sisters


First on my agenda is to tell you that our brother Fluffy has moved. On 24.06.2015 he moved to Balsthal and, at the same time has changed his name to Murphy, his original name.
He is well and sends love to all of you.


Today we have visited Murphy.


The first impression was, that our dear and gentle brother is really very happy and has already adapted to his new environment and people, amazing..but not surprising with all the attention his getting. Now, between us, he reminded me a bit of our dear brother “Mops”, you know what I mean…playing boss, anyway he appears to have everything under control.
He was very happy to see me; we played and raced around the garden all evening.


He sends love to all from the “Thal”


Your sis Mali


Here a few pix  
























Saturday 04.07.2015


My dear brothers and sisters


Happy birthday everybody


I am still here!

H&S have not been able to find a replacement, so I still do the secretarial work, but it is some time since I was ordered to office last. I really don’t mind the work, since I could travel around and visit some of my brothers. Details of these events I have reported earlier.


I am still very busy in house and garden, where the range of my field of activities has proportionally grown with myself. Of course I still get a ”bolocking” every now and again, but in the mean time they have come to appreciate my talents and long term planning (at least some of it) Honestly, recently I overheard a conversation by H&S in the garden..did you see how these two shrubs are developing new growth after Mali has trimmed them last winter?

The same goes for the hornbeam our old meeting place where I have “adapted” the ground clearance to suit.


Oh well, you know me, there was a time, when H&S were talking about renaming me to “Maligator” or “Cleptomali”… but in the end they didn’t go through with it.


On the subject training I’m doing well. Once sometimes twice a week we attend “all-round training” classes dealing with real life situations. I particularly love “man-trailing” and trailing in general, which we do as extras.

Four weeks ago we (Murphy-Fluffy and I) passed the swimming test on our river with top marks.


We are in the forest almost every day, where I have met a lot of new colleagues and people.

There are more and more of some really funny people who need two sticks to move about,

H&S call them “Stockenten”.

With Mama Piri and Aunty Lou we have a lot of fun and diversification still, either in the garden or “Ramba-Zamba” in the living room, not always to the joy of H&S of course.


I have heard quite a number of “examples” of some of you. Who should wonder, it all suits, if you remember the basic training we all went through…you know what I’m talking about!


For now I wish all of you a lovely birthday party, hoping that we will have more success when trying to arrange our next get-together


With the link Litter-M 2014 you will find a selection of current pictures


Stay fit and happy


Your sis Mali




Saturday 29.11.2014

Fianally more pix from my mate > Fluffy


Tuesday 25.11.2014

Latest Picture from our Benny



Sunday 23.11.2014

My dear brothers and sisters


Today I met our half sisters and brother’s fathers’ side at their first annual meeting.
Creaky, what an impressive appearance especially the males, when WE will be that size..


Two weeks ago we travelled to Muensingen BE, the city is part of the administrative district “Bern-Mittelland”, according to Google.

Our brother lives in the middle of the city, but René calls it “village in town” that’s the impression one gets in the midst of all the old, beautiful, traditional farm style houses.

Chilan has a large garden too but with a POND full of WATER on top!

That was some doo, for about 1-1/2 hours we raced around practically non-stop, in between a tour through the pond to cool off. We really enjoyed this reunion, but at the end.we were totally K.O.


Chili and Kim (or viva-versa) attend the dog training school too and is/are like us already in the advanced course, where they make attempts to educate us to be “real dogs”.

Fluffy and I received a bonus in as much as we could add 4 sessions to the junior class because of a “shortage” of participants, this on top of the advanced sessions. We overheard a discussion the head trainer had with Silvia and Julie where she stated the main reason to keep us on was the fact, that we were the only 2 dogs on the grounds with an exemplary behavior with all the different other participants. This was really a tremendous booster and recognition for Silvia and Julie.


Chili is very fast but not as fast as me. According to Hans this is due to my smaller turning radius.

After an interesting and active afternoon we took the old Zurich-Bern route for our return trip, so, instead of the usual discussions about my misbehavior I had geography lessons.

Here in the House of Falkenstein everything is running relatively smooth. Everyday I go with S&H on the first tour in order as not to pick-up all the “bad habits” from mum and or Aunty Lou. That is what I heard en route from S&H when people asking for the whereabouts of the big two.


We are usually in the forest, the fields or at the river; sometimes together with Fluffy
 (and Julie)...that’s when Fluffy and I really get going.

Like our two senior Leo-ladies, riding around in the car is one of my favorite “activities” too.
Silvia calls us real “Leutschfuedle”, this is bernese slang for females who are ”notoriously always “on the run” going places.

So that’s all for now from the House of Falkenstein, will try to come back sometime later.

With lots of love and hugs to all


Your sis Mali


PS: Please use link Litter-M 2014 to view photos, at the moment we are waiting for input of the missing pix.



Sunday 19.10.2014

Hi out there my dear brothers and sisters.
Here is Mali again after some time with an update on what has happened since my last report.

Since I’m still working for the HQ I know that all of you are well and some details about your “activities”.

Quite a few changes were made here after Zazie left us 4 weeks ago.

All the baby stuff has been removed except a section of tunnel, ring, tire.

I now also have „my place“ in the living room, aunty Lou on the mattress, mama on her mat in the centre and me on MY mat in the corner near the lamp. The places we rush to, when we get a special snack or the “before-bed-time-Rusk”, a routine dating back a long time.


At the moment I’m busy assisting Silvia In the garden extracting all the summer flowers, OK sometimes there are some evergreens too, then I get told off by Silvia, but to please everybody every time is just not possible..I think.

On the hornbeam (Hagebuche) our first meeting place I had to tear off another series of branches to provide more “head room”. Hans just chuckled but Silvia was cross when I then took the branches with the leaves on to the carpet in the living room, to chew on.

Yes, I think we all had to learn a lot in the mean time and there is sure a lot more to come.


Once or twice a week I see Fluffy, we are also in the same group at the puppy training school, that’s totally cool. Sometimes, when we get a bit bored, we “pull off our Leo-show” and have everybody laughing. The trainer has a professional expression for this behavior of course.


There is a plan to visit all of you in the near future. So far we have been to Rino at Grenchen and Benny at Villarimboud in the canton Fribourg near Romont.

I definitely must tell you about those two events.



Yes, our Rino, he has a large garden with a lot of shrubs and trees (and flowers).

After a very intensive “welcome ceremony” he took me on a tour.

Immediately I spotted a small potted Erica needing watering, so we took it up to Micheline
(I took the plant and Rino the pot). We failed to understand why everybody was laughing? It was just a natural and spontaneous reaction as far as I was concerned!

However, guess what came next…some time later Rino appeared, “carrying”, true to his nature and reputation, a once healthy Erica … or what was left of it!

Finally we were “allowed” in the running fountain to cool down.

It was really a super day but I guess I made a mistake by giving Rino some new ideas… it was THE subject extensively discussed during our return trip.



Benny has a very large garden too in an agricultural area, very nice and quiet.

He (and his people) were very happy to see us, especially Benny, finally having somebody his size to play with, because his buddies are Floyd and Praliné two Yorkies. They are really tiny but extremely fast and agile, but it has worked out real good up to now according to Martin and Ingrid. 

The beautiful running fountain near the pool immediately caught my attention. Martin and Ingrid were speechless, when I entered the freshly cleaned water basin with Benny following suit. BUT.. how could I know that this area was an absolute “no go” for Benny, luckily Martin had not added the anti-algae chemical at the time.

In hindsight I realize that I was overdoing it a bit when I tipped over the shine metal water bowel, picking it up and running around with it.

After all this I was really surprised, that we were asked to come back again soon…no comment on the subject discussed during the return trip.


On this subject, I promise to inform myself of all your “do’s and don’ts” when we come to visit, so you will not have to get the blame for my “mistakes”.  


Greetings from the „Villa Falkenstein“, and a “see you soon” for some of you.

Your sister Mali


Saturday 06.09.2014

Hi, here is Mali again at last with news from our organization,


Report on the present situation:


 M-Works (G.w.s.S.)Ltd.

Hans is always organized and very technical and uses professional language. We suspect that in his mind, he sometimes feels himself to be still in his old job, ordering and commandeering us around.

 As a result we decided to set up our own company. Mops…sorry Rino has officially been appointed president and leader. The barking in his tenor level will usually get the required attention in critical situations, although he suffers periodically from puberty vocal change, also in other aspects he has “improved” considerably. .


BUT...on Sunday, his people visited again and he behaved extraordinary, soo gentle, smooth and proper, he even went to sleep between the legs of Markus…so lovely.

THEN, like last time, a soon the visitors were gone it started. Instead of the carpet, it was us and the plants in the garden which became the target of all of his suppressed energy…our brother.


My “younger” sister Zazie was elected rep. for foreign affairs, her pitch of voice in the upper octaves never fails to initiate attention, mainly during the night when we have an urge to attend to “the call of nature”. By-the-way for a week now, this “business” is attended to externally, with a few exceptions of course.

H&S are very happy about this development and tell “everybody and his dog” about it, so to speak.

As for myself, I was re-confirmed secretary and news editor .


The hidden area behind the round table at the lamp in the sand and mud has become our meeting place.

Chilan (Chili) was, based on his specific skills, unanimously nominated as bouncer supervising and guarding the entrance during secret meetings.


Safety: Hans has informed us, that due to the development of “free floating” energies and compact charges, which had not or only partly been considered in the original planning, various fortifications and reinforcements were urgently required…again a lot of technical gulp.. but of course already implemented.


Buildings: On the subject I have some very pleasant news. After the expiry of the rental agreement on the “Vari-Kennel”, we found a sponsor, which would provide a replacement. R&J Steiger, a local company provided the new utility free of charge. In the name of our organization we would like to say thank you very much for this generous gesture, which we named “Villa Falkenstein”, it is fully booked most of the time.


Health & Welfare: Our growing rate and weight, the latter a subject usually ignored by us woman, are momentary very important. We are all “fit as a fiddle” so to speak. Eating, playing, wrestling and sleeping are still some of our main activities.

01.09.2014: This was a very interesting day. We were all packed in to the padded rear of the car and driven to the vet. clinic for vaccinations and chipping (what ever that is). At first, we were all thoroughly inspected by the vet., eyes, mouth, nose, teeth and all vital part of the body. He was very pleased with our conditions; he used some extra time for the boys and was talking about “peas”…


That’s all for the moment,  take care, pictures under heading puppies



PS: 04.09.2014: We made trip to the dog training ground in Zofingen where we had the whole space for us. Mama demonstrated some of the obstacles for us. It was a super event but coming back home we were all dead tired, we even missed a meal… just imagine!


Wednesday 27.08.2014

LPN2.We are very happy to advise that both, mother and father of our 8 pupps are LPN2 free.
Confirmation has been received from Vetsuisse today.


Thursday 21.08.2014

Hi, here is Mali again, unfortunately with delay, but we had been extremely busy.


Update on the current situation

Garden and patio are now our extended “field of action”.

We have inspected the entire garden area for possible safety hazards. Hans has reacted spontaneously with implementing “corrective action”. In the beginning it was his full time occupation..we are/ were very thorough.


Among our favorites are a vast selection of soft toys, for instance the large IKEA brown bear, the monstrous Teddy with Silvia’s green scarf, ideal to tow around. Then the blue igloo-tent, the tunnel and yesterday a modified water tank which we call “the station”…great!


As “children of nature” (Silvi’s words) we have acquired a liking for hortensia’s, with their long branches, hanging twigs and flowers, the moss on the trunk of the prune tree, leaves and roots of the beech, etc


Lately we had various people coming in they called them visitors or future owners. It appeared to me that some of them made a lot of fuss, particularly over some of my sisters or brothers.


We do have a very interesting life with a lot of action, one or two sometime daily “fun and games with Silvia”. Food on a four hourly routine, tolling around, playing hide-and-seek, sometimes near to collapse. Or mum is now participating too, running around the garden and negotiating and intervening when there is too much “hubab” and fighting going on. Also Aunty Lou is playing with us and sometimes “dressing us down” when we get to cheeky…a real family.


On the subject food and eating, we have tested two different ”techniques”.

The first ended in a fiasco for “logistical reasons”, so we are back to the original routine except that an additional table-for-three was added to compensate for our ”increasing volumes”.

 My original plan was to leave out any family politics, but due to an occurrence today, I feel responsible to fill you in. Not again, you might say, is she using “good old” Mops” as the major culprit, just because she will stay with the company.
NO, definitely not, this time is entirely different. For some time now, they are calling our big brother Mayo instead of Mops. He is very proud of his new / real name, especially after Hans explained to him its origin.

But now, just try to fathom this. The fact that he will be moving to the city of Grenchen and will be re-named  “Rino”, really went to his head. After his people had left, he picked up the hallway carpet and whirled it around crazy…like a “Rhino", short for Rhinoceros. We were wondering if he had misunderstood the meaning of his name….

Regarding names, following is the latest list


red collar will be         Mary Lou - Diva
yellow                         Malaika
dark blue                    Mr. Big Ben, short Benny
light blue                    Murphy - Fluffy
green                         Merlin - Chilan
grey                           Mayo – Rino
pink                            Minka – Zazie
purple                        Malito


So, now everybody knows who-is-who in the M-team

Will be back sometime later

Your news editor


Go to Photos puppies


Monday 04.08.2014

An unbelievable week, with an immense variety of new activities, situations, surroundings and people.
The litter box has disappeared providing us with a larger indoor playground… and then the large water bowl! I’m using it solely for drinking of course, not like some others who bath their feet in it first.  Or „Mops“who is in it with all four’s justifying his behavior with the size of the bowl…but, as I had mentioned already last week, it’s just another of his macho-things, trying to prove a point, but we all love him.

But now about this „garden“, it was really cool running around on the patio, but now we know
 what „garden“ means. We were in the grass all afternoon; it was very exciting, exploring this completely
new world. Even „Mops“was impressed and that really means something. Hans had to install an extra piece of close-knit wire fencing, because of Benny who has acquired a taste for „fresh herbs“. Silvia is on guard all the time when we start to proceed into „new territory“ and was very cross with us when she caught us tearing out all the Akeley in her „palm-merry-go-round“.

Also meals are now served outdoors; today we had our first 5-course menu in the grass, thank you Silvia.
So that‘s all for now, I shall be back with more next week
Your Mali


Monday 28.07.2014

Our 8 pups have made substantial progress during these last 10 days.


"Hello, I am Mali or Malaika by full name.I was asked to write something about us i.e. my two sisters and five brothers. Maybe because I'm the biggest? least of the girls, then there is my brother "Mops" who thinks he is the biggest and acting bossI What ever..typical boy.  OK that's enough of our family politics.


We now can hear and see "almost" everything around us. We are all mobile, trying to run, jump etc. But this morning we had our biggest sucess sofar, when after breakfast Hans let us sleep outside of the litter box. At last the two have now checked why our brother and team mate "Mops" always "throws a tantrum" before falling a sleep tired after returning from mama's bar. They really mean well, the soft under layer, the vet-beds and old bed sheets from grandma's dowry, washed daily...but is summer time! Since "Mops" is allowed to sleep on the cool covered floor it has become relatively quite in the house of Falkenstein. I also overheared a discussion, that the litter box will be removed all together tomorrow if all goes well during the night. After that it is planned to expand our playgound step-by-step until finally we will be allowed in to the garden. I really don't know what "garden" means, but it sounds great... we will I hope to have more good news for you next good and stay cool....yours truly Mali"


Friday 18.07.2014

It is really amazing what is happening in the first 14 days of a puppy's life!

From the first initial crawling excercises to wobbling and tumbling around in great efforts to get on their feet, then the eyes which are slowly opening. The fact that we now can see where we are going is really a major step, plus some have already surpassed tripple the weight at birth.


Last night we had to insert the cut-out in the front board of the litter box, because the strongest male puppy tried to "go walkabout" as the Aussies would joke!

Soon we can take off the front board all togeteher and get the team on its way to investigate the modified part of the living room, the first part of the play ground.


Now we can see real progress day by day. Patio, garden and lawn are ready for the  a "ciclone cucciolata" as Eugenio Scanzola, the owner of ROD, the father/mating dog put it, in English the

"puppy cyclone"...we will see...The web site will now be updated regularily to keep you posted on the effect of the cyclon :-).

A few of the latest photos in the puppy section.



Friday 04.07.2014

At 18:00 Piri had given birth to her first girl, by 07:00 Saturday morning we had a total of 3 girls and 5 boys, the last boy at the vet clinic by caesarian. All are in good health and enjoying mama's milk bar, thus gaining in weight steadily....just drinking and sleeping....what a life!


Saturday 28.06.2014

Only a few days to go.

Piri has been slowing down some, resting quite a bit in between digging holes (lairs) in the garden....fitting really for a mother dog in waiting. 


Friday 27.06.2014

Website in French added


Friday 20.06.2014

Going puplic with website in German and English

Monday 02.06.2014

Today's visit at the vet clinic provided very happy news, as by ultasonic testing her pregnacy was confirmed.

The vet refused to comment on the number of puppys....all he volontered to say was, that........Nussbaumer's are facing a very busy summer.











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