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Litter-M, Loewe vom Falkenstein

Three females and five male puppies have emerged from this mating compilation i.e. Piroschka von der Bachtalen with Skjaergaardes PS I Love You.

Concerning the appearance / looks of the pups, it appears that mother, father and grandfather have contributed to this multifaceted litter, we see now a trend already.



















































































































































































































































Photos galery older photos in English shortly, mean time please use link M-Wurf 2014

1. Birthday 04.07.2015

Ben - with his yorkies

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Mali (Malaika)

Lasko (Malito) with Saba

Malu (Mary Lou)

Rino (Mayo)

Chilan (Merlin)

Zazie (Minka)

Murphy (was Fluffy)

Unfortunately no current photos available

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