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Feba Bilwastein, our first Leonberger



With  Feba a long great dream was fullfilled... our first Leo. Feba made history as "Fräulein Bilwastein" with an absulte sence of justice and some special culinary predilections. With 11, after bone cancer had been diaognosed, we had to let her go to Leo-heaven. Despite our sorrows we were thankful that her suffering lasted only for short time.


Where ever, on tours up in the mountains, swimming in the sea, lakes or rivers she alwyas was our loving, true, devoted and watchful companion. She never had the chance to participate in any competitions and exhibitions. However, we are convinced that the predicate

"best dog in the Schoenenwerder weir area", a rating and compliment by many regular walkers, bikers and skaters who knew her, more than compensated for any medals she might have won.


In the unpredictabilty to know what would be happening later, it was astonishing and great to watch how she would accept and adopt little Lou (des lionceaux de la savane). In the beginning rather reluctant and with mixed feelings but later very enthusiastically teaching her many interesting and important dog-tricks. So, for a short while she could enjoy life at it's best, before her illnes become evident.


For almost 11 years you have played a very important part in our family  We thank you for the joyful and happy moments you have given will live on for ever in all our hearts..dear Febi.

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